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Pocket Screws

Pocket screws are screws that are used after drilling a hole with a pocket screw jig. Pocket screws are used to hold things together, and are very popular on pieces of furniture, like cabinets, tables, and countertops.

Pocket screws will hold these things together without letting the screws stick up above the surface. In fact, in some cases, the holes can be filled with putty so that the screws disappear altogether! This is usually not the case.

Usually, the holes are either just left alone, or are filled with some kind of cap or top. This allows the screws to be hidden, but still allows access to them in the event that they would need to be removed at some point in the future.

Pocket screws (interchangeably called pocket hole screws) come in a large variety of different sizes. You can pretty much find a pocket screw for any job, no matter how big or how small it needs to be. Kreg is the most popular name brand for pocket screws and pocket hole jigs, but there are also other reputable names in the market.

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There are pocket screws that are so tiny that you cannot even use a regular screwdriver head on them, and then there are screws so big that you need an impact driver to drive them in! Of course, these are very extreme examples.

Most pocket hole screws are either one or two inches in length, or somewhere in between that. Two and a half inches is also a popular length for pocket screws, especially when using them on furniture and cabinets.

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 pocket screw

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If you are looking to buy some pocket hole screws online for your next project, here are some things to keep in mind. First of all, pocket screws are usually sold by the pound, not  by the piece. So, figure out how many screws you need, then figure out about how many are included per pound. This varies greatly by screw, so it is important that you know how many of that certain screw you are going to be getting. 

Also, it is always a good idea to order extra. Never cut it so close that you don’t know if you will have enough. Order extra so that you won’t have to order more. This will save time in case you use more than you were planning on, and it is better to end up with a few extras than to have to order more because you miscounted!



If you need a particular finish, keep that in mind when ordering. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but other times it does. For example, if you are making black cabinets, you usually use black pocket hole screws. Or, if you are making wood stain cabinets, you might use brown screws. Most of the time you will use plain nickel screws, but it is still a good idea to think of this before placing your order.

Pocket screws can come in handy for a lot of different situations and uses, but remember to get a screw that is sturdy enough for what you need. Using one and a half inch screws to screw two by fours together is probably not going to get you very far, so measure wisely and get screws that are made for the depth you need! 

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